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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bad Blogger!

Sorry!  I'm such a bad blogger.  The minute some sunshine and warm weather comes around and I'm basically like "what blog?"  No, I didn't forget I had a blog.  I do have some pics of things I made so I do have recipes to post.  I could post pics of things I'm making now.  But that might not be as interesting. 

Bascially, I'm doing Clean right now.  It is a detox program.  Yes, I heard the collective groan.  But seriously, this is the only detox I've tried and I probably wouldn't try any others because this one works.  I'm not deprived of food.  It's not all juices.  You have a smoothie for breakfast and dinner, and then lunch is basically your big meal.  You do have to cut out alcohol, all white and wheat flour, anything containing preservatives, all dairy, eggs, and caffeine.  Oh, and sugar, how could I forget sugar!  You are only allowed to have chicken, lamb, or certain kinds of fish with your lunch.  Or you can go vegan.  You also have to cut out certain vegetables and fruits.  Like no oranges.  The whole point of it is to get your body to go from an acidic state to an alkaline state. 

I know, this is already "tl;dr" but I'll tell you what happened when I did for the first time last year.  Initially, I felt like absolute crap the first week.  I had a headache, I was tired and cranky.  It sucked.  But then the second week comes along and you start to feel the opposite.  I had so much energy, I didn't know what to do with it.  Well, I did a lot of yoga, but I have to say this time around, I think the treadmill and elliptical are proving to be better outlets for my energy.  Plus it promotes sweating and that is good for detoxing as well. 

Anyway, my hair seemed shinier, my skin was way improved, I lost weight, and the whites of my eyes were so white!  So after the 21 days was over I had a cocktail.  Boy, what a headache that gave me!  But it showed me that I could feel better if I cut out things and  eliminated all things preserved.  Plus, I saw the value of eating organic and juicing.  This time around, I didn't get the headache although I do have a little fatigue.   It helps that I have Picky joining me on my detox.  I wish I took before and after pics because I think Picky has almost gone down a size and we're only 4 days in!  Maybe I'll take a pic now and post his after pic soon.  I don't think it will be as extreme with me since I had some things that were still off in my body thanks to some kind of virus which are being addressed now thanks to some quality supplements. 

I highly encourage everyone to check out Clean and see what it's all about!  Also, you can check here and here for some recipes to see what the recipes are like.

Ok, enough rambling.  I promise you some regular recipes and some yummy detox recipes are coming soon!