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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Few Words from Picky

Seeing how this blog is about my finicky eating habits, I thought I should have a little input. Yes I will admit that I have many food phobias. These have now somehow become cooking "rules" to live by, but as you will see my "rules" are being bent and manipulated, albeit in a good way, to satisfy the adventurous needs of my amazing girlfriend. Since each new and delicious recipe looks to debunk my tried and true "rules" that I have lived by for 40 plus years, I hope it will show other picky eaters that there is hope for them as well.
Baked macaroni and cheese is one of my favorite dishes. Made by mom with only the standard ingredients: macaroni and cheddar cheese. A picky eaters delicacy. Well this just wasn't good enough for my girlfriends sense of adventurous eating. Soon there were shallots (just a fancy onion), odd cheeses like Fontina and Gruyere, Panko bread crumbs (not real bread in my eyes), and god forbid Truffle oil( who knew mushrooms had oil). Lets just say that the use of mushrooms is a violation of one of my "food rules", and left me wondering if this version of mac and cheese would leave me making those happy eating noises. Well, wonder no more. This Mac and cheese will be a permanent fixture on my menu. It left me wanting more, even though I had already had 2 servings. The shallots being caramelized in bacon fat and the the truffle oil in the topping were a perfect touch and as is usually the case, caused me to edit my rule about NO MUSHROOMS. Hope you give this delicious recipe a try. See you next recipe.

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